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Late last month I conducted an interview with Whitney Ross, designer-entrepreneur of WhitneyKids in Ontario Canada to discuss some of the frustrations a designer experiences when trying to move a line.

Q. What has been your greatest frustration in selling your line?
A. It’s so challenging to find sales reps. They don’t return calls or emails and they’re too busy to look at your line. The ones I’ve found (Whitney has 3 reps) either found me from a trade show or from the James Girone website. James Girone gets a lot of traffic from store buyers. I’m still looking for more reps.

Q. What is your background?
A. I’ve been manufacturing for three years now. Before that I did 10 years in PR sales for magazines. I can pick up the phone and call anyone. With my background, it’s not too surprising that I decided to hire a PR firm to promote my line.

Q. You hired a PR firm? Why did you decide to do that? Who did you hire?
Yes, I hired McCain Best. I knew I had to be in a certain place and with my background in media sales, I knew the easiest way to get there was with a PR firm. My products are sold in prestigious stores.

Q. How does one go about finding a PR firm?
A. Well, I can pick up the phone and call anybody so I called up somebody who was getting a lot of press and asked about their agency. A good agency will have a lot of media contacts.

Q. How does one work with an agency?
A. First, there are no guarantees but they have to have contacts. I had a wish list [Whitney didn’t want to share her wish list], you have to know what you want and who your consumer is. Before I hired the agency, I had already made up press materials and samples.

Q. What are the financial details of hiring a firm?
A. Firms will assign a set numbers of hours per week that they’ll work on your case. You’ll have to sign a contract. A lot of firms will try to pressure you into a long-term contract (for a year) but I signed for a four month commitment. You have to give them at least that long to get any benefits.

Q. Do you mind if I ask what the fees are?
A. (laughs) Yes, I’m not comfortable with sharing that but I will say that fees vary quite a bit. I had one firm who wanted $10,000 a month and there was no way I could afford to pay that.

That concludes the transcript of this interview. Thanks Whitney!

In my travels on the web I found some material from PR Firms.org that you may find of interest.
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ApparelSearch has listings of NY and CA based PR firms. and CA based firms.

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  1. christy fisher says:

    At one time I was using 5 sales reps and 2 showrooms. 3 of them found me at trade shows. 2 of them came to me because store owners told them about me. The showrooms were from trade shows.
    I highly recommend doing at least the first round of trade shows YOURSELF. Not only will you be able to present your line in the surroundings you envision, but you will be able to get crucial feedback from buyers. Buyers will also give you names of the best REPS in their area.. all you have to do is ask.
    I also have found it beneficial to “cruise” the sites of other designers who are complementary to your line. They often have their reps listed.
    A good rep who is interested in what you have to offer will call you back. I would never call a rep without first sending them some promotional material.

  2. Marilyn says:

    Do we know if this PR firm is a large international firm or a smaller local firm. In other words, how does one start this process to be successful but as cost-effective as possible?
    Thanks very much.

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