Happy New Year!

I hope this day finds you and yours happy and healthy. I’m having a low key holiday, but the site was ailing a bit on Saturday -service was suspended for about an hour. I think I’m going to have to change hosts. Evidently, the server this site is on will crash if we get 40 comments in two hours, coupled with 10 searches. Some of that was obviously spam but I’m concerned because I don’t think that’s much of a load; what if I got slash-dotted (one can always dream)? I’m not sure what I’m going to do at this point (change servers, change software or whatever) but for now, searches and comments are disabled. I’ll figure it out tomorrow I guess. In the meantime, submit comments to me and I’ll post them. In the interim, I have a few comments that were sent in for various posts. For now I’ll reprint them below. Once the comment feature has been reconfigured and stabilized so it doesn’t scare the server, I’ll add them appropriately by which time of course, you can do it yourself.

[edited 1/5/2007: once commenting was restored, I posted the respective comments to the appropriate entries]

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