Happy Birthday Kathleen

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  1. Kathleen says:

    oh gee, that’s so cool. Thanks everyone! I’m bidding on a grading book on ebay for my b-day present (down to the wire now). Cross your fingers for me.

    [update] I got the book! Yeah! I never seem to win those. A lady out in Los Alamos won one I’d wanted badly a couple of weeks ago, Through the seller, I asked that she contact me (so I could hopefully borrow it) and the seller said the buyer knew who I was and was excited to make the connection, but she has yet to write or call me. total bummer. Pity, it was an hereto unknown typewritten copy of a women’s pattern drafting book written by Simmons in the forties. I didn’t know he’d written anything after the 30’s. Anyway,the book I got tonight is cool, photos were indicative of ~wait for it~ radial grading. The grade of these sleeves don’t look anything like what you’ve seen in any other books.

  2. Malia says:

    Happy Birthday Kathleen!!
    Reading the blog late today, but at least I got this birthday wish in by midnight.
    Hope it was great.
    I guess just once a year you can have some blue dye frosting on your cake.

  3. cindy says:

    happy birthday kathleen!
    your blog has remained my homepage for several months now, longer than any other. you are a very intelligent, funny and well-rounded person. thank you.
    and have a great day today!

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