Going to Houston 2

Hopefully I’ll be able to post the guest entry from Deanna Tanner, otherwise I won’t be leaving much for you to read. I’d meant to post it yesterday but with being on the road, I couldn’t get to it. I just can’t blog on the road, mired in overstimulation. Being stretched in every direction, I lose what little elasticity and social veneer I have. We had dinner last night with a group from F-I. Were I not so stressed, I’d tell you more about it. I didn’t sleep last night, I’m on overload. That said, it was great meeting everyone. I’ll post pictures later.

Today we’re doing the orientation at Mike and Amy’s place so we’ll have a much larger group. Then later tonight is the fashion show. I have got to find a second wind; the sun isn’t even up and I’m (still) overwhelmed.

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