Giveaway: Digital Textile Design

Oh goodie, another freebie!

In keeping with the holidays, we’re giving away a free copy of Digital Textile Design courtesy of Laurence King Publishing [and yours truly who is paying shipping] for which the review was posted today . This offer is open to residents of the U.S.. If you live abroad and are willing to cover shipping (I’ll spot you $5 toward the cost), feel free to enter as well. 

To be considered for the drawing, kindly mention the author of the review in your comment. Good luck!

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  1. Jordan says:

    Can I say that Jasonda Desmond has a great name? I know that’s somewhat irrelevant, but I love it so much I had to say something…sorry, it’s the novelist in me coming out.

    I’d love to take a look inside this book – the subject matter is something I find interesting, but haven’t (yet!) taken the time to look at in depth.


  2. LindaC says:

    This is a subject near and dear to my heart. I’m very interested in fabric design and this is one book I don’t have. Jasonda Desmond’s (Dotty Logic) review is very interesting. The mention of tutorials illustrating how the design would appear on a finished garment makes me more interested in this book. I’d love to be entered in this give-away. I admit I’m shameless but I love a give-away. :)

  3. Isidore says:

    Thanks to Jasonda Desmond for the review. I was looking at this book when you had the Laurence King discount code, but I didn’t see any good reviews on it and didn’t want to take a chance. Now I really want it!

  4. s minchuk says:

    The original edition of Digital Textile Design covered ‘everything’ students and practitioners of textile design need to learn about designing and printing digitally. I was curious to know how they would update the information for this edition, Jasonada Desmond does a great job of spelling out the value and shortcomings (technology is evolving so quickly that it is increasingly difficult for traditional textbooks to keep pace).

  5. Caitlin says:

    Photoshopping on fabric! What will they think of next…would love to look in depth at all the tutorials Jasonda Desmond mentioned in his(her?) review of Digital Textile Design. Having done surface design by hand, am tickled that computers can potentially make it even more interesting. Of course they have been doing it…this book apparently shows how. Down the street in Savannah, GA the Fabric Department of the Art School here opens its doors every quarter to folks to come have a look-see. Some of the computer rendered surface designs on such a big scale are quite detailed–would love to compare what I see there to the tutorials in the book. Thanks for piqueing my interest!

  6. Sarah_H. says:

    Thanks to Jasonda Desmond for a very helpful review. I truly have an idea of what is in the book and not just an opinion of it. And I would love to have it. I dream of doing art to wear, and sometimes do it, usually in the form of church vestments. This would be a great tool and idea provoker.

  7. Julian Hill says:

    I really enjoyed Jasonda Desmond’s review of this book and it is a book I’d really love to add to my collection. Digital textile design is a subject that I’m really very interested in because I work in IT and also because I think the digital revolution is transforming the way so many things are done. The digital design of textiles is one area and I’m also very curious to see how 3D printing will begin to transform the accessories market as well.

  8. G says:

    Dotty Logic is now bookmarked, thanks Jasonda Desmond. I hope I can squeeze time in so I can check this book out and brush up on my textile design skills, which are very rusty these days.

  9. Suzanne Lemasters says:

    Perfect concise review that makes me desire this book! I have the basic skills and now need to perfect them and build a library of books like this. Thank you Jasonda Desmond!

  10. Beth Laske-miller says:

    I loved Jasonda Desmond’s review of this book! It’s an area I’ve become very interested in, an
    d her review gave all the best info. It sounds like a great book! Beth Laske-miller

  11. Beth says:

    I love sewing and design books in my library. Thank you Jasonda Desmond for a great review for a most desirable book!

  12. Ann says:

    Jasonda, thank you for the writing the review of Digital Textile Design. I am very interested in engineered prints and textile repeats. I’m just starting to play at Spoonflower and this book would be very helpful.

  13. Irma Salazar says:

    This looks to be a very excellent resource on Textile Digital Design, and something that can be used in my digital fashion class. Thank you, Jasonda Desmond (Dotty Logic), for making this book available. I’m excited to put into practise your tips and techniques. Thank you!

  14. Anne Kasten says:

    As always, Kathleen’s unerring commitment to presenting the best possible information has come through again. This book by Jasonda Desmond contains the approaches and techniques to enter into an exciting and very active sector of the textile design world.

    Thank you for the introduction and the stimulation!

  15. Denise says:

    Jasonda Desmond has written a very thorough review explain the pros and cons of the book: Digital Textile Design. I love how Jasonda pointed out that engineered prints are discussed since this is a big trend going on in fashion currently. However, the fact that Jasonda said that there was no mention of drawing illustration using the digital graphics tablet is somewhat of a disappointment to me. I have purchased a Wacom tablet and would love to read more about using one. Despite that, I would love to read this book because digital textile design greatly interests me. I would feel lucky to have this book in my fashion collection to further develop me computer skills.

  16. Marcanne says:

    I would like to thank Jasonda Desmond (Dotty Logic) for her review on this book as I am still building my library. I actually have done design of fabric in the past and would love more info for future projects. So yes, please enter me into the drawing.

  17. Lynn says:

    Jasonda Desmond from Dotty Logic has written a thoughtful review of the book Digital Textile Design. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity, Kathleen.

  18. Jasonda Desmond’s review was very helpful. Does she have any recommendations for books that would be of more interest to those who wish to become surface or textile designers?

  19. vee says:

    I would love to win the Jasonda Desmond book on Digital Textile Design because it will enhance my craft. I have been practicing dyeing tee shirts and white silk along with photoshopping on light color silks with pictures. I enjoyed the review. Thank you for your years of experience and keeping people like me abreast on infomation and new techniques.

  20. kellyt says:

    Jasonda Desmond review was very helpful. The indept analysis of the book made it was for me to compare Digital Textile Design to some of the other books on digital textile design that I have already. Thanks for your time in writing this review!

  21. Demetra says:

    Jasonda Desmond’s review was very helpful. I have done some fabric dyeing and painting. This book analysis peaked my interest in Digital Textile Design.

  22. Marsha says:

    Jasonda Desmond? Can I please peek into your brain? I need help creating production ‘print-ready’ files for engineered garments. I’d like to eliminate that problem of differing rates of shrinkage of the same fabric from the same factory, but on different rolls. I could do with more Photoshop skill refinements to develop better artworks.

    I would appreciate having the book, if only to beat my arse to best my lofty nosy ideas of myself. And yes Kathleen, I would pay for shipping!

  23. Theresa Hall says:

    Thanks Jasonda Desmond for pointing out another creative outlet…and for sharing the pathway to exciting design production!

  24. Jasonda says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. I am glad the review was helpful!

    For those interested in learning more about surface design for fabric, I would recommend “Mastering the Art of Fabric Printing and Design” by Laurie Wisbrun and “A Field Guide to Fabric Design” by Kimberly Kight. There is some overlapping content between these books and Digital Textile Design but they are all great resources.

  25. Anya Egoshina says:

    I would love learn about digital printing and latest trends in fashion design. Thanks to Jasonda Desmond for a very thorough review of the book.

  26. M-C says:

    It’s clear that Jasonda Desmond could write a better, or at least most complete version of the book :-). Let’s hope she eventually does! But it’s great that she points out this one, as there isn’t yet much available at all on the topic. And those of us with an amateur appreciation for the field are certainly better off to start from a digital angle. It sounds like this book would be the perfect companion to a beginner on spoonflower :-).

  27. angela says:

    Oh, is there still time to enter the giveaway? I’m definitely interested. According to Jasonda Desmond’s review, I fall into the target market… a hobbyist textile artist, not an industry professional. Thanks to you both for the review and the giveaway. Happy holidays!

  28. Sylvia says:

    Kathleen, Thanks for organizing another giveaway. It’s such a fun activity during the holidays. Digital Textile Design, as reviewed by guest author Jasonda Desmond, looks like an exciting read and a treasured resource. I’m eager to acquire my copy.

  29. Sharon says:

    Thank you Kathleen for pointing us to such great resources. Judging by Jasonda Desmond’s review this is another great find!

  30. Yaisa Peter says:

    Jasonda Desmond’s insightful review has left me with the notion that this book would be a good addition to my growing library of fashion-related books.

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