Free apparel industry book winners

First, many apologies that the site has been on the fritz. My web host says the server is toast. It is possible that some comments were lost but we move forward best as we can.

Okay! On to announcing the winners of last week’s giveaway.

Stephanie is the winner of the Pocket Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Expert and Lillian Martin is the winner of the Pocket Apparel Expert. Yay!

I still have two more books, the Pocket Textile Testing & Quality Expert and the Pocket Textile Merchandising & Marketing to give away. I think I will give one away to people who like Fashion-Incubator on Facebook (they say you should do stuff like that but I’m not convinced). The drawing pool for the last one will be F-I members who are current on their membership.

Have you ever given away free stuff? It is a lot of fun. I’m thinking I may just buy stuff to give away or give away more of what I have. Anyway, thanks for playing everyone.

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  1. Cary Pragdin says:

    The books all sound interesting, although you haven’t reviewed or endorsed them in any way. Every time I see the titles though, I can’t help but think “wow, a whole book on pockets, who knew?”

  2. Kathleen says:

    I thought Brina’s comment on the comments was priceless. Something to the effect of “dying pockets” (as opposed to dyeing pockets).

  3. Cary Pragdin says:

    Hehe, went and read it, priceless! Who knows, maybe somewhere out there is some literature devoted to the plight of aged and terminally ill pockets, but at 300 plus ages it might make for a rather dry read…

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