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In the interests of promoting greater unity in the CPSIA fight and being that Fashion-Incubator has had the most active participation with solid information (no mythinformation or rumors), I have opened the CPSIA section of the forum to non members. At last count there are 60 different threads, over 1,000 posts and thousands upon thousands of views. Anyone can read, post, create stickies, announcements etc in this section of the forum. All other sections of the forum remain closed unless you join.

I realize it will be difficult and time consuming to read through some of the multi page threads but please make use of the search feature as it is likely your question has been answered. As most of them have been by now, we’re focusing on activism. Please don’t post “is my [child related] product exempt” because it isn’t. It just isn’t. I can’t police posts on other blogs or forums like Etsy for posts containing rumors, unsubstantiated claims or mythinformation but I can here.

This is only the CPSIA forum; if you have questions related to sewing businesses and manufacturing that belong in other threads, you are encouraged to join us at your earliest convenience.

There’s now a very useful widget online to write your legislators in one fell swoop. Be sure to fill out the forum and it will automatically be sent to your congressional representatives.

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