Fix this: mitten contest pt 6

Now we come to the tail end of our mitten contest (see entries one, two, three, four and five). Some of these entries were focused on the mechanics of pattern engineering which wasn’t as easy as people thought (why do you think I picked it?). Some entries focused on style as well. Now it’s your turn to select your favorite, the winner gets a copy of The Entrepreneur’s Guide. You can only pick one winner.

The poll itself is under the fold. To peruse the entries in which each appeared, Tanya was in entry #2. Clarissa, Christy and Carol were in entry #3. Jinjer appeared in four. Michele and Patricia debuted in number five.

Edit 11/23/12
Vizu polls have closed down. Below is a screen capture of the poll results.

In comments, please leave a suggestion for a project we can do for our next contest. Thanks!

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  1. carissa says:

    I really dreamed of doing something super snazzy, but spring kinda slapped me in the face. Sorry for my lack of follow-through. *blush*

    This was so helpful because I had never tried to make a “real” pattern before. It wasn’t too big of a project to give a try. I got out KF’s book and went through all of the steps for patternmaking and really learned a lot. Thanks again, Kathleen!

    Next contest- a matching hat, of course!- ooooh… or bag.- (ha ha! now we’re on my turf!)

  2. Malissa says:

    I do so much better at entering a contest if I have a deadline up front. This may seam like an easy contest but as many time as I’ve seen it messed up maybe it’s harder than it seems! A simple straight skirt: a waist, a closure, and 4 darts.

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