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fit_model_measurements_form_stylefileStyleFile has a new blog with short and sweet digestible bits. Case in point, a recent post provides a free download for forms you can use to track your fit model’s measurements. Male and female samples are provided. If there were sufficient demand, I’m sure they would also provide one for children so do comment to let somebody know.

Other useful notes on the site include what is a “send out”, suggestions for pattern numbering (it’s not just me…), fabric shrinkage, being careful to specify desired stitching, testing all fabric components that comprise your product and the like. All topics we’ve explored at length -but perhaps so lengthy or preachy you haven’t read them. Such is life.

Last but not least, StyleFile has a selection of videos showing you how to streamline your tech pack documentation. Even if you’re not at the stage of needing software, it is good to keep downstream processes in mind.

I created a form you can use to designate the measurements of all the sizes in your size range. I meant to upload it well before now.

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  1. dosfashionistas says:

    Sooooo useful. I can’t believe you don’t have a long string of Thank You’s already. Here’s mine!

  2. Alexia says:

    Kathleen, as usual, you are a gem – am at the ‘Fit Model’ point!!
    I wrote a comment on one of the posts (that I’ll have to search for) and you replied and suggested I joined the forum. I will definitely do that, and I wanted to say (possibly again, but before I hadn’t actually sat down and properly read the book) how INCREDIBLE the book is. I love the style you write it in, rather than it being a textbook style yawn-inducing boredom, I actually almost felt like I was sitting down and having a chat with you, which was a rather nice way to spend the weekend. I’ve already recommended it onto a couple of other people doing similarly nutty things to me, and I have been saying to anyone who will listen how I wish I had bought/known about the book 8 months before! If you ever need testimonials for it, I would be only too happy to provide one. It has revealed dozens of things that I can be doing to make the process easier.

    Effusive enough praise?! ;)

  3. Cindy says:

    Thank you! I love diagrams and this is very useful. I think I can use this to create on for my children’s sizes. You’re very kind to share, I’m learning loads from your website and book.

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