First Anniversary!

Today’s kind of been a weird day what with the funeral and all and I didn’t really get to post what I’d intended either but the big news to share with you is that Fashion-Incubator is one year old today! That was why I wanted you guys to post your favorite posts of the past year so I could publish the list in today’s anniversary post but I haven’t gotten enough submissions yet (please continue submitting your favorites).

Anyway, it’s been a day of reflection for me. I’ve looked over the past year’s posts and asked myself if I’ve remained true to my mission and what it is that I hope to accomplish here. While there’s always room for improvement, I think I’ve kept my central focus pretty well. My goal has always been to create the impetus for job creation by supporting entrepreneurs. Still, one cannot be singularly profit focused, one must be kind, compassionate and humane. Profit is not incompatible with passion and peace. Profit need not come at the expense of people. The key to success is to nurture people, not products. I hope that with my example, I’ve proven this to you more than words ever could. I have wanted to teach you that your life’s work should reflect your values. You cannot be a slave to poor choices. The choice really is slavery or bravery, you can only pick one.

Looking over the past year’s posts, I’d have to say that these are probably some of my favorite posts, the ones that contain the flavor of all it is that I hope to accomplish here -well that and the funnier ones. From oldest to newest:
The cognitive dissonance of experts
Thrift store shopping
Me and my blog
Bloggers, mothers and tommys run amok
Smoking & drinking: cherished industry traditions
How quickly we forget
Push manufacturing; subverting the fit feedback loop (actually, I like all the vanity sizing myth posts)
My dirty laundry
Becoming a lean manufacturer
Miracle and me
Sally and me (Sally is just the coolest person!)
Evidently, I’m still mean
Project Kaizen: Tuesday (as well as all the lean manufacturing posts)
Knits are evil (the comments were great)
Slavery or Bravery. Pick one
A post about nothing
Fix my pants
Suffering unappreciated inventor

Here’s to hoping we’ll have continued growth in our community in the coming year. Let’s resolve to expand our community and hopefully we can infect others -enthusiasts and business people alike- with the message that the integrity of craftsmanship still matters.

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  1. Big Irv says:

    Let me be the first one to add a comment to your post. A very large congratulations and heartfelt thank you for all the outstanding work you have accomplished through your site. I wish I had learned of the Fashion Incubator earlier, as it truly is an amazing vehicle, and it means so much to so many people.
    The change you speak of is obtainable and very near. You have certainly given us a platform from which to build upon and bring about the changes we need. It gives me pleasure to contribute and I am honored that you have paid your respects to me and my local community. I look forward to the upcoming year of the Fashion Incubator. You have done a fabulous job and should be very proud of your accomplishment.
    Big Irv


    May the Lord richly bless and keep you, and may this be a day of joy, fun, and wonder. Keep on shining in all your grace, beauty, wisdom, and humor Fashion Incubator! you’re a pretty special blog!

  3. This is how we sing happy birthday around here (click my name below to hear the original):

    Couveuse de mode
    C’est à ton tour
    De te laisser parler d’amour…

    Couveuse de mode
    C’est à ton tour
    De te laisser parler d’amour!

  4. Josh says:

    When I had bought the book back in 2001 I had tried to find you on the web so I could pick you for more nuggets of wisdom, and gave up after a week. I had seen traces of where you had posted on some fashion boards but it was vague stuff, no link to anything. Didn’t try searching again until last year when something popped up in my head and told me to search your name at I had this sense something was up. Found your site and presto there you were. My twin brother and I were one of the first 2 people on the site.

  5. Happy Anniversary!

    It’s been a year of tremendous learning for me. Even if I’m not ready to hire yet, through your wisdom and support, I know I will be. Your message comes through loud and clear. Thank you.

  6. christy fisher says:

    Happy Anniversay to my “Jiminy Cricket”! You have saved me countless dollars by me referring back to your book and instilling that whisper in my head “lean, lean”…
    I, too, wish you had been around 30 years ago..
    But your information (both on the blog and in the book) are timeless and pricelss. Whether one is new, or in the field for years, we have all benefited from your generosity.
    Thanks again!
    I am going to the donation button right now!

  7. SB says:

    My heartfelt thanks, Kathleen. I am a better business person and employer because of what I have learned from you and the group of people you have attracted.


  8. Michael says:

    Happy Anniversary. I just found the site yesterday and I’ve found it all fascinating. I even just ordered the book online via Amazon (I had a gift certifcate left over from Christmas to cover half the cost).

    Keep up the great – educational and insightful – work.

  9. Patty Sampson says:

    Happy Anniversary Kathleen!
    Your book is fantastic, and I find myself getting too little sleep now that I have to check out your web site every evening. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, and wealth of information!

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