Fashion books close out

I noticed that there are some books on closeout at SouthStar Supply if anyone’s interested. These are:

  • Fitting & Pattern Alteration Item Price: $30.00
  • Fabric Science $35.00
  • Swatch Kit for Fabric Science $20.00
  • Childrenswear Design, 2nd Edition $35.00
  • Evaluating Apparel Quality $35.00
  • Patternmaking for Fashion Design $60.00 (Armstrong)

To find these titles, scroll down to the bottom of this page. I own all of these books and think most of them are pretty handy. As far as the Fabric Science book is concerned, everybody needs one and be sure to get the swatch kit! At $20, that’s a steal. If you’re designing children’s wear, the children’s wear design book is very useful. It also has basic design information as well as some pattern making. The Patternmaking for Fashion Design is the Armstrong book, a lot of people like it. It’s not a bad book, a good general reference. Really, I think all these books are good references although I’m least fond of Evaluating Apparel Quality. The latter is a text book and assumes you’re a huge corporation. Still, at closeout price, it provides value.

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  1. marilyn says:

    I just have to comment. My community college required the Armstrong book and I was constantly frustrated because we started each lesson by noting the errors and omissions on each page–and there are lots of them. It’s OK if you already know what you’re doing–but it makes the beginner feel stupid. A better book was published last year called Patternmaking Made Easy written by Connie Crawford ( It’s basic patternmaking written very concisely and is a hardback book with a wire binding so it will lie flat on your worktable. It even includes some sewing instructions (the older pattern books offer no sewing guidlines) for putting together a basic bustier and line-drawings for how to sew a jacket in the factory technique (which Kathleen could elaborate on). She also includes some instruction for patterning for mature women’s bodies. Thanks to everyone for your great information!

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