Establishing wholesale terms and sales policies

The question below was posted in the forum, I don’t usually cross post between the two but since the search function in Word Press is so lousy, I thought I’d create an amalgamated post to highlight most of the entries on this subject as a refresher. I just wish I’d done it sooner, before everyone trotted off to Magic, some for their first launch.

Next week I have a meeting with the corporate menswear buyer of a small apparel chain on the west coast. My partner and I only have a few pieces to show for Fall 2009, but I don’t know information such as “start ship date” or “cancel date”, etc. Doesn’t this depend on when the buyer needs the product? Who dictates this? When should I assume we would ship for fall? How much time is there typically between a start ship date and a cancel date? What about terms? We are not set up for credit card orders, but would want to receive a check by the ship date. How is this stated on the line sheet? What if we would like 30% of the order at the time we cut the fabric, i.e. 8 weeks from delivery date?

As I said, we’ve discussed all these topics a lot so rather than rewrite what’s already been done, it’s best to feature the highlights in two sections. First are forum threads, second are blog entries. Be sure to read the comments on the blog entries! There’s a lot of information in comments recounting personal experiences.

Sticky: Order forms and sales policies
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And about 2,134 other threads judging from the looks of it.

Blog entries: Read the comments too!
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  1. Rita Yussoupova says:

    I can share my T&A (Time and Action Calendar) for product development and production – I will forward this to Kathleen’s direct E-mail and you can ask her.
    You are most welcome to use it as a model to develop your own suitable for your particular business.
    Pls. keep in mind that this is for a small Company manufacturing overseas.
    Also our Market dates may be different than yours and everything is build around
    Market. I hope you find it helpful.

  2. suzanna says:

    this is so helpful to me as i am going to my first trade show in two weeks! so much for going to bed early!! i cautiously come to fashion incubator, because there is usually something very pertinent that i get sucked into! thanks again, kathleen for helping make this process a whole lot easier.

  3. Adam says:

    This is exactly the info I’m looking for as well (and the reason that I’m sleepless at 2:30am). Could one of you possibly share the T&A calendar with me as well if you see this late follow-up post? Thanks

  4. Kathleen says:

    Adam, I’ve posted a comment with the file upload location before but some comments keep disappearing and I don’t know why. It’s permanently stored on our forum in the technical documents library. Rita’s T&A is also known as a production schedule and is similar to the one in my book but hers is specialized to her product type.

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