Engineers gone wild

If you’re married to an engineer, this is what happens if your spouse sets up the Christmas lights display. You’ll need the sound turned up for this video (4.8MB). The file came from Grimreader‘s friend Andrew in the UK so other than that, I don’t know where it comes from or who did it. Can somebody ID the tune for me?

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  1. christy fisher says:

    That was great ! Loved the peace sign too! (my neighbor makes one out of a hula-hoop)..
    Whoever did this could have a second career as the lightman for the band KISS :-)
    ..glad I’m not a neighbor of his…

  2. Kathleen says:

    Actually, if you follow the link Mike provided, you’ll see the music is broadcast on a low FM transmitter so there’s no noise in the neighborhood. If this is the house mentioned in the article, the homeowner is -as I suspected- an electrical engineer :)
    thanks Mike

  3. Josh says:

    That’s great! I wouldn’t mind living next door to that, a front row seat to that would not be a problem.

    The music sounds kinda like Mannheim Steamroller but I don’t think it is.

  4. Josh says:

    Just figured out the name of the song. The name of the group is Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the name of the song is Wizard In Winter and it’s on the The Lost Christmas Eve album.

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