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postmaticSeveral of you’ve written about an email you received from me about subscribing to Fashion-Incubator. Yes the email is legitimate. We’ve migrated to a new service to manage comments and delivery of posts. It is a great service but the terms of service require that I email each of you to opt in. This prevents somebody from spamming a collection of email addresses. You will only get this email if you had already subscribed before and if you’d posted a comment and ticked the box, requesting to be notified of new comments.

I have a lot of news to share but the email notification system was broken so posting entries about it would likely have gone unnoticed. I have a customer here for the next two days but am looking forward to telling everybody about my new factory! We have feed rail! We have 100 feet of cutting table! We have THREE sewing rooms! Now all we need are customers.

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  1. Theresa in Tucson says:

    Kathleen, the new factory sound like a dream come true. One hundred feet of cutting table! Wow! Pictures when you can, please.

  2. neil says:

    I just want to say, I’ve been following your blog since for the past 10 years , and I learned more than a lot.
    I found your site after a buyer ask me for my line sheets, I didn’t know what I was so I went searching and found more than just a site, and since I didn’t have formal training and entirely self taught, fashion-incubator was my university. ( oh and I also bought your book)

    Thank you Kathleen

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hi Kathleen,
    Congratulations on your new factory! I am a budding entrepreneur and would like to start my own women’s clothing business that caters to petite women with a main focus on the plus petite sizes. This size group is severely overlooked and since I am also one and have trouble locating affordable clothes that fit, I feel confident that there are many more like me out there that would benefit from my business.
    I am still in the design stage and I am wondering if you have a pattern maker there or would I have to generate my own to use your services?
    Looking forward to reading more about your business!

      • Carolyn says:

        Hi Kathleen,Oops! I am the one who feels awkward! I neglected to read more of your site before making my comment. I am glad to find out about you and Fashion Incubator. I can (obviously) use all the help I can get with the planning and sewing part of my business.

    • Sheri Williams says:

      Hi Carolyn I am a old fashioned patternmaker. Not a CAD user.
      I can make a size to your specifications.
      I have a degree in fashion manufacturing from AAU in California.
      Hope this helps.
      Sheri Williams

  4. Marie says:

    Many, many congratulations on the factory opening!! I’ve been keeping up on the developments with great interest.

  5. Geoff Krasnov says:

    What types/categories of apparel are you set up to sew?

    What minimums do you need per style/color?

    Are you offering full package or just cut and sew?

    Will you make sample lines?

    Will you work with startup customers?

    We are overwhelmed with work and are having to refer smaller customers to enterprises willing to work with startups that either want samples produced or smaller runs (under 300 pieces per style).

  6. Valerie says:

    So excited for you Kathleen! I’m restructuring our product offerings and would love to be a new customer! Let’s talk soon!

  7. Yvonne says:

    Congratulamtions to you Kathleen!! I haven’t been on your site for years and JUST when I take out my old business plan to reconsider opening again…I see received your email. Call it synchronicity. :) Looking forward to working and speaking with you in the future.

  8. Emily says:

    Congrats on the factory, Kathleen! Where is this located and do you have capability for both wovens and knits?

  9. Sheri Williams says:

    This venture is so wonderful for everyone! All success to Kathleen and her family and friends.
    If you pull a Lucy and Ethel on that line, I want to hear about it!

    Ok, are you using 100% quality manufacturing or Quality Management?

    Here in Michigan we are having so many small factories starting. I am
    so proud of everyone.

  10. Tony says:

    Hi Kathleen, It was nice talking with you, since I couldn’t find your email address, hope this will reach you, I would appreciate it very much if you can
    list some Reliable steam iron that I can consider acquiring for our use..
    Thanks, Tony Ongaigui

  11. Ray Still says:

    I am making decorative cloth 6″ circles to apply to fruit jar tops for a canning project. Is there a practical way to cut multiple layers of very light fabric? I need to cut about 100 of them and it`s tedious. Any help is appreciated.

    • Sheri says:

      Hi Ray
      There are a few wa ys to do this. If you know someone with a Cricut or Brother cutting shapes machine, that will do it. Or, you can take your fabric to a local graphics shop and they have die cutters. Thats all I can think of right now. hope this helps.

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