Drape Drape 3 Give away winner

drapedrape3_coverAnd the winner of the book Drape Drape 3 -thanks to the internet random number generator- is Sandra Stroud!

Or I should say maybe. It depends on whether she is amenable to putting in a bit for postage since she lives in Australia (I pay the first $3.99). I’m sure she will but if not, our runner up is Judy Byrd. I need to remember to stick that postage caveat in the give aways because it is not fun to disappoint people and the cost of international postage has gone through the roof -nearly a 25% increase since last year.

The crazy thing is, Sandra emailed me yesterday for probably the first time in nearly a year on a matter unrelated to the giveaway. Some people have the right kind of energy I guess.

Fairly soon I hope to sponsor giveaways for new products I’m developing. To qualify, one will have to link to this site (it is amazing how few of those who use the content from this site, ever link to it). One month’s linking equals one entry so someone who has been linking for years, is entered 12x however many years. Actually, those people are more likely to get an item for themselves plus an additional one to give away to visitors on their own site.

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  1. Sarah_H. says:

    Some people are intellectually challenged. I am technologically challenged. What does it mean to “link to a site”?

  2. Kathleen says:

    Linking to a site amounts to citing your sources. As in, when you write a research paper you have to mention where you got the information. The internet version is linking to a site and some people are good about it, some aren’t. To me, it’s an issue of integrity. Some people like to appear in the know, that they just pull stuff out of thin air and don’t mention their sources. Or, some are obviously regulars here but they don’t list Fashion-Incubator in their side bars. If the blogger finds this content interesting, that blogger’s readers likely would too. The very worst of them are those who re-write my content for their own sites and don’t mention the source. Very annoying.

  3. Natasha E says:

    I only just got me a blog a few months ago so I better go figure the whole linkback situation. EDIT. Ok done. Of course almost all I post are rants so I’m not sure you want to be cited for that lol ;)

  4. Tina says:

    My blog is pretty much never updated – but I do have you in my blog reading list that is displayed. Since I don’t have a blog readership anyway, I’ll just support you with buying the products instead.

  5. Dara says:

    Kathleen, I agree with Tina. Can we just buy the new products? It seems insincere to write a random post to enter a contest that you’re hosting which 10 people will see when I could just as easily (and happily) write you a check.

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