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I’ve added a new topic area in the discussion forum for discussing blog topics with other visitors. While I don’t want to limit comments in any way, I think the forum is a place where we can better discuss ideas. I’d prefer to limit comments on the blog to things that directly address a given post. Comments regarding the comments of others may be better off in the forum. Christy has already inaugurated the topic with Who Really Gets Ahead and I’d really like to see the subject developed conversationally. Feel free to add your own topics too.

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  1. Mimi says:

    It seems to me that the article is talking about the marketing of fashion – not really the fashion industry itself. Sure, we know PR buzz and personal branding helps people to draw attention to themselves, their companies, and products… but how are we measuring success here?

    I would challenge this article by pointing out that the pursuit of fame/stardom is a separate endeavor from designing, producing, and delivering garments. Running a financially successful “fashion” company is such a complicated mix of efforts, that producing something wearable AND desireable is almost incedental. The designer is just a piece of the puzzle. Measuring the success of any design house by “buzz”, sales figures, or awards received would be incomplete, at best. What about longevity, profitability, wearability???

    Call me naive, but I think that many successful women fashion professionals (which includes designers) are busy balancing work and family lives, and do not have time for an all-out media campaign to become household names. I think it is probably a question of visibility.

    Awards and attention are not always given to the best or the most financially successful, but they are generally given to the most interesting candidates. (If you don’t believe me, look at the Academy Award winners of the past few years. Do you think these are truly the best actors?)

    I think the disparity is only a perceived one, and in an industry that relies on artificial obsolescence, there needs to be a constant rotation of style icons.

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