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I regret to announce that some moron hacked our discussion forum. It’s gone. All of it. The data I mean. Then, I had to delete the program entirely lest the crack compromise the entire server. It’s bad enough to lose the data -believe me, you couldn’t be angrier or more outraged than I am- but I can’t even replace the system until at least this coming weekend. I’m in the midst of a horrendous move, can barely find a time or place to even login and I don’t have the energy or time to deal with the outcome of this twit’s crack until then. Vandalism is so irritating. Don’t people have other, more productive things to do with their time? I don’t see this action any differently than how I see inner-city graffiti taggers or corn-fed, baseball-bat mailbox smashers.

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  1. Josh says:

    this sucks! Isn’t there a way that you can email your server and they can fix things back to an earlier time? Don’t they back up your website in case something like that happens? It may be too late now I don’t know.

  2. Jan d'Heurle says:

    Why would someone do something so destructive to this site? Aren’t we simply trying to make the world a better place? Doesn’t he/she/it wear clothes? I am utterly baffled and distressed that such a productive site would be a target for anyone’s animosity. Jan

  3. Carol says:

    Let’s remember this person is certainly visiting to get reactions.

    Let’s not give them here. E Kathleen privately.

    Look at her response – how soon she can get that area back up and working for us.

    Is she a fabulous person or what? We knew that anyway…

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