Discussion Forum is back

The discussion forum has been reinstalled and upgraded with better security features. I realize there isn’t anything there for visitors to read but these things take time. The faster people start posting, the faster we can rebuild it. Please feel free to post (in the forum) your ideas and suggestions for categories. Similarly, post your questions. I know it’s hard to post on a virgin board but you’ll never get the answers you want unless you ask them. For starters, may I suggest that readers post their bios? You can find the forum by selecting the link in the left sidebar under “Admin” or by clicking here.

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  1. Carol says:

    You have go to “Register” and re-enter your information for the system to let you log in. It doesn’t take long.

    You may have to try to log in a time or two before it takes. Persevere, the rest of us will think it’s worth it to have you!

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