Dilettantes and competition

The other day I was reminded of a saying from the military:

Amateurs worry about strategy.
Dilettantes worry about tactics.
Professionals worry about logistics.

And it’s so true! Professionals don’t sweat the silly insignificant stuff, they only worry about logistics. They stand above the fray.

Speaking of standing above the fray -and professionalism- Savile Row tailors do it nicely:

This is typical of this business- if we can help one another, we will. We don’t worry about the “competition” possibly stealing your customer. It’s not a concern, because we don’t really have “competition” at this level of bespoke, just friends and colleagues. We know who are The Real McCoy and who aren’t. So do our customers. So what is often a near lifetime of service and friendship is never encroached upon.

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