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Did you email me between the hours of 9:00 and 4:00 MST? If so, I didn’t get it. The site was moved to another server today and I neglected to set up an email forward on the new server until late this afternoon. And I was wondering where all my mail was. Also, one person who called from “SUN” left a phone message that I accidentally deleted -oops-.  Someone said they haven’t gotten any site updates via email (?) since the new design went up. If you’re getting site update notifications as usual, please let me know and specify the manner in which you get them (RSS, email, feedblitz etc).  Please report any bugs. Be advised that author post attribution is still wonky. I appreciate your patience.

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  1. 1) Your new posts don’t show up in Google Reader. The most recent one is Site will be a little wonky…. This is even after I resubscribe as “//fashion-incubator.com/” instead of “//fashion-incubator.com/mt”.
    2) The last FeedBlitz article I got was Trade Show Review – Project 8/2008.

    Argh – all this headache just before you leave for vacation!

  2. kathleen says:

    Eileen says there’s a problem with Feedblitz too. Hmmm. Thanks for all the feedback guys, that helps me narrow it down. I’m too tired to figure it out tonight. Manana. I’m wondering if part of it is because not everyone’s servers are pointing to the actual site yet (moved servers, remember)?. For example, I’m noticing just now, that this site I’m on now, is the old site, on pair networks. The one at work transferred right away (media temple), inside an hour. It takes a while for these changes to propagate across the web, often 24-48 hours.

    You can tell if the site you’re viewing is on the old or new server b’cuz the new server, in the bottom of the template, next to “all right reserved” says “MT!”. The copy on the old server doesn’t have that.

  3. Vesta says:

    Old server.

    I lost your feed, but I just went onto your RSS feed page and re-copied the feed address; started fresh. It’s working fine now (through Netvibes).

  4. ioanna says:

    Yeah I had to re-copy the RSS feed address and replace it in Thunderbird. No biggie tho :) Still getting used to the new site. Shiny :)

  5. Avatar photo
    Derek says:

    Just to let everyone know, I redirected the old URL for the RSS feed to the new URL. The new feed URL is //fashion-incubator.com/feed/rdf – but if you still have the old one, it should still work. This is something I unfortunately overlooked when we moved to new website. Hopefully this resolves 99% of the issues with all the RSS feeds and auto-notifier websites people are using.

  6. pkl says:

    Hi Kathleen!
    The new site looks great! I am still getting used to the new interface, but I have one question/request for the main F-I site. Would it be possible to change the dates so that they also included year? For example, the most recent posting, under the title (Testing yet again) it says

    By Kathleen Fasanella on Sep 15 at 5:04 pm

    Could you make that say

    By Kathleen Fasanella on Sep 15, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I can’t remember how it was on your old site, but I don’t remember having to figure out which year something was posted. I often look at older posts using the categories, and I like to know how recent the post is. It’s a small thing; I can work around it by looking at the comments for a given blog posting since they include the year.

    I do, however, love that it now shows the author right at the top of the post. Funny how the little things make a difference. Anyway, I love F-I; the information you provide can’t be beat regardless of the interface.

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