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While researching an article via the Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka), I happened to read “marriage proposals” off in the left side bar. Not that I’m still in the market but as someone who met, dated and married a man I met over the internet (we even married over the internet, the first to do so), I thought it’d be interesting to read what Sri Lankans found advantageous in a potential mate. Most of the ads were placed by parents. Most of the candidates were educated (many abroad) and older. Oddly enough, caste, creed and religion were frequently cited as unimportant. However, a good horoscope is important. Very important. I guess astrology is not just the province of single women over 40 -in the US :)

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  1. Astrology is main stream in apparel making too. In year 2001 there were factories where supervising ladies would not let their lines to feed new styles on Wednesday, since it is inauspicious day. There could be few doing so to date.

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