Dallas Fashion Incubator

I am very pleased to announce the Dallas Fashion Incubator. While that may not mean much to people who don’t live in Dallas, it is a sign of a general trend towards recognizing the value of reclaiming market segments in apparel and sewn products. Although the Dallas Fashion Incubator is a young group, they already have a store-front where client designers sell their products. Their venue is good; directly across the street from Neiman Marcus (the flagship store). The organization provides training, classes and seminars. I’m really excited about the incubator and I’ll probably fly in to do a seminar or two myself.

Their website has some useful DE links such as buttons, display products, mannequins, suppliers, -lots of cutting services- some pattern makers and sewing contractors. They’ll add to their link list, be patient. By the way, please do register on their site. As a not-for-profit, they need to justify their spending. Building an online presence can only help everybody. If they get a lot of traffic, maybe they can get funding to expand online services thus expanding their client service base.

By the way, I’m originally from Dallas. I went to El Centro College in downtown Dallas which is -in my opinion- the most under-rated apparel school in the country. Lance Blankenship (the Executive Director of DFI) told me that El Centro would be happy to welcome me back for a vist but I told him he should check on that first. I wasn’t very popular when I was there either. One of my teachers hated me. A lot. I was such a disappointment to her (at the time and maybe I still am). Then later, once she knew it was me who wrote the book, she was pissed! The chapter I wrote on production pattern making really burned her biscuits. Oh well, I liked her even though she didn’t like me, she taught me a lot and I have no regrets. And she had the most beautiful hair (she was pretty too) and I normally don’t notice things like that.

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  1. Sabrina Bove says:

    Hi. My name is Sabrina Bove, and I work in the casting department for TLC’s What Not to Wear! If you havent seen the show, it is a fashion makeover show for women, where some one SECRETLY nominates a friend or family member for a total fashion overhaul. We are coming to the Dallas area VERY SOON, and we are looking for nominations!
    Being some one who knows a lot about fashion, I’m contacting you to see if you would like to nominate a bad dresser in Dallas. Or maybe you can post something to help us spread the word?
    Please feel free to call me or email me with questions.
    Sabrina Bove
    Associate Casting Producer 212-974-9050 x 207/ Sbove@bbcnyproduction.com

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