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cutandshowSpeaking of trade shows, there is a new-ish website called cut & SHOW which provides targeted services and resources for Canadian buyers and producers. It would also be useful for anyone who wanted to break into the Canadian market. The site is intended to be a connection between clothing brands looking for representation and sales reps amenable to taking on new lines. The site serves retailers by featuring new lines complete with sales rep contact information. The site also features regional and international tradeshow information. One last feature to mention is job listings.

I have been watching the site for awhile and get their newsletter (clean and professionally done) but don’t have personal experience to report beyond saying they don’t go overboard on emails, haven’t hit me up for money or sold my name to other interests. Today’s newsletter included a link to a download for their Fall-Winter 2011 show calender. Again it’s nicely done but qualify that by saying it was rather large (13MB/56 pp).  I would suggest this is a must have item for anyone interested in the Canadian market and most particularly if you’re looking for sales representation as sales reps are listed in the show calender and sorted by region. I looked for a link to the show guide on the site but could not find it, meaning, I probably shouldn’t post the link I have. If you sign up for the newsletter, they will probably send it to you too.

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  1. Brian says:

    Hi Kathleen, thanks so much for the post. I am really happy that you are a regular reader and that you like our content. I encourage any of your readers that are interested in doing business in Canada to visit our site. cut & SHOW has become a trusted resource for Canadian retailers and we have helped many brands get noticed, find sales reps and increase sales.

    You are correct about the buyers guide. Your readers can register for our newsletter and they will receive a link to download the guide on my next newsletter (1st & 15th of each month)

    One thing to mention about the job postings…. Brand owners that are looking to hire a rep or distributor in Canada can advertise on our site and newsletter. They can get more information by contacting me through the site.

    Take care & Happy New Year!

    Brian Jenkinson
    cut & SHOW

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