Crashing the (lean) party

Hal Macomber of Reforming Project Management (I’ve been reading his blog forever, do consider subscribing) has organized a lean event among lean manufacturing bloggers. Every day next week, The Gang of Seven will be writing on the same topics. No, I’m not one of the seven because these guys are professional lean practioners and I’m just a factory-floor grunt and easily outclassed. Still, I’ll be nipping at their heels from here and I’d encourage all of you to take the tour each day. Here is a listing of all the bloggers, some of them should be familiar as I’ve featured their work previously.

The bloggers are:
Hal Macomber Reforming Project Management
Mark Graban Lean Manufacturing Blog
Bill Waddell Evolving Excellence
Joe Ely Learning about Lean
Chuck Frey Innovation Weblog
Norman Bodek Kaikaku
Jon Miller Panta Rei

This is quite a challenge and I hope to keep up. I’d encourage you to visit each of these sites. Wish me luck!

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