Couture Pattern Puzzles

Sandra sent me some wonderful links from a site with pattern puzzles for the download. The site is ShowStudio and it’s fabulous so look around a bit. The pattern below is by John Galliano and donated free for the download by the noted couturier. Here, you can download Galliano’s pattern.

Photo courtesy of ShowStudio

But wait, there’s more. I found three other patterns in their projects section complete with photos of finished garments from ShowStudio‘s adventurous visitors. Here, you can find a pattern donated by Alexander McQueen.

Then there’s a style by Martin Margiela, entitled “Unfinished”. Be that as it may, plenty of people have finished their garments as you’ll see.

And lastly, a style from Yohji Yamamoto.

Thanks for the tip Sandra and feel free to send me your tips too.
Posting will continue to be light…

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  1. Jan d'Heurle says:

    This is a fascinating site; I’ve had lots of fun working my way through it (there’s still lots to go), but I especially wanted to recommend the interview with Vivienne Westwood; she’s forthright, matter of fact and to the point, rather like Kathleen. hmmmm.

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