Correction on couture carnivale

Manolo explains it best but Fashion-Incubator will not be hosting the carnivale of couture until the third week of July because everybody got moved back a week. Rather, next week Christine will be hosting at Shoesense (her topic is here). In the meantime, I may change the topic of my question (technical complexity). Do you have any ideas for a fun topic? I’m not very creative lately.

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  1. Scarpediem says:

    Here’s an idea–take it w/ a grain of salt:

    Write about either 1) a person whose sense of style/fashion you’ve influenced (friend, husband, mother, student) in some significant way; 2) a person whose sense of style had the most impact on you (and I’m not talking about Miuccia Prada, unless, of course, you’re a close personal friend of hers). How did it happen? How do these influences/relationships work? What have you learned from this? Etc. etc.

  2. Alison Cummins says:

    I like the technical complexity theme. It fits you. The reason different people host is so that different questions will be asked, right? And this is your question.

    I don’t own any particularly technically complex garments, so I don’t see myself participating, which is fine. But if you’re worried you won’t have enough entries, you could expand it to include the most technically complex garment you’ve attempted to make.

  3. La BellaDonna says:

    I’m with Alison. I absolutely think the Technical Complexity question is perfect for/from you, and it interests me more than a good many others have; i.e., I may actually answer it in time to be considered a “response”, rather than merely ponder it extensively.

    Of course, I may decide to cheat a bit, and extend it to reference the most technically complex garment I’ve ever made; I like to think that that counts, too.

    My respects to Scarpediem for the alternatives offered, and it’s not that I think those aren’t valid questions, but “technical complexity” is really a Fashion-Incubator type of question, and one that really interests me. In heaven’s name, how is “technical complexity” not related to “creativity”? I think it all depends on one’s definition of “fun”, doesn’t it? There’s a reason why that was the question that occurred to you, Kathleen; why would you second-guess yourself? Go with your instincts.

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