Conphorm’s pattern puzzle

I think these UM handbags from Conphorm are cool!

Images courtesy of Conphorm

These handbags are made from 2 layers of industrial wool felt with a zipper sewn around the edges. When open, the piece lays completely flat. When zipped, the piece turns into an organic 3-dimensional form. Comes in 4 sizes: wallet, purse, clutch, and carry.

In my -professional- opinion, these are sufficiently unique that they could be patented and you know I don’t say that often. In fact I wish Josh Jakus had gone through the rigors of the process. Isn’t that the way it works? It’s so common that real innovators put cool stuff out there and the one-idea-in-a-lifetime folks have to patent the lamest things. I hope Josh becomes tremendously successful and I look forward to seeing whatever else he cooks up. Via Treehugger.

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I just bought one off the website. Conphorm takes paypal!

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  1. Jess says:

    Those are gorgeous! I love amorphous design. The only problem I see is that the contents of the purse could fall out of the handles but probably no worse than a regular tote. If he placed 2 snaps underneath the handle that could remedy that problem and it could still remain flat when unzipped.

  2. La BellaDonna says:

    Kathleen, this pattern looks as if it might be a good candidate for your red patterned leather mentioned in an earlier post.

  3. Peak says:

    I agree about these bags and noticed your comments about patenting when this was posted.
    Today I stumbled upon this site Bomb Design:

    which came first? I certainly don’t know.

  4. Kathleen says:

    Peak, thanks for the tip to a very interesting site.

    I’d think this is a great example of creative synchronicity. I see they’re each using similar concepts but the patterns are very different. Bomb design seems to be similar to the concepts that Julian follows (under Julian’s pattern school in my left side bar).

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