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colorschemedesigner A new-to-me site I recently found is called Color Scheme Designer. Maybe you already know of it? Probably, it’s been on the web for 10 years. I’m still exploring it in fits and starts so I don’t have a comprehensive review but the range of utilities built in, are remarkable.

The site is free -although donations are gratefully accepted- and accessible from your desktop. It can also be used on smart devices (I tried it with my iPad) but you can’t move the main color picker around with your finger although you can type a hue number (which corresponds to degree) manually.

There are various color filtering options -one of which you used to be able to load Pantone color numbers but no more. Pity. There is a web option so resting your cursor over a color in a palette gives you the html coding for it.  You can even select for visual perception based on criteria such as variations of color blindness (useful in designing safety items and signage). You can also export these options for use in various software programs -to include open source projects like GIMP.

Digging around a bit because this application is truly remarkable, I learn the developer launched a Kickstarter campaign that failed. Pity, that. Difficulty getting traction or has it been around so long that people took it for granted? Who knows but rumor has it that a stand alone desktop version is planned. I wonder if the developer licenses it? I would think it would be very useful to color companies -like Pantone for example.

But anyway, if you don’t know of it yet, it will be very useful in a broad spectrum of applications and you can have fun trying out all of the various options -it is so well thought out. If you already know of it, tell your friends about it and maybe even give them the thumbs up on Facebook.
Now I’m off to visit a sewing contractor’s facility. In keeping with tradition, the sign on their door reads “Camera Repair”. Others remarked this was a step up in that the contractor had any sign at all.

-Oh and sorry for the problems you may have had accessing the site. All pages are loading normally now or should be. Any reporting to the contrary is gratefully appreciated.

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  1. kathleen gerber says:

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    The Color Scheme Designer is going to be a great to tool to add to any arsenal.

    Kathleen G

  2. Brina says:

    Interesting that the program can show how a particular color scheme would looks from different vision abilities. I used to work with someone who would occasionally show us fabrics he had put together for his home diy projects–I was fascinated by his unusual color combinations until someone told me he was color blind.

  3. Judy B Map. says:

    Wow! This is just nothing short of fantastic fun not to mention a super great tool. Thanks so much for this information and while I am at it, for a great site. I am getting up steam / nerve to join your ‘club’. Currently, I am one of the people who just reads and is thrilled by various posts. However, on this I had to step up and say something.

  4. This is FABULOUS. I sure could have used it two weeks ago when I was trying through email to describe the colors I wanted so that they blended. It’s not too late for me to use this. The pantone color numbers are HUGE for me in communication. Thanks so much!

  5. Demetra says:

    Great site, I also teach jewelry making, this will be a excellent tool for the students. I always used one I bought in color theory, but this is cool.

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