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I’m going to Medellín Colombia; considered by many to be the fashion capital of Latin America. I’ll be gone July 29th through August 2nd. I’ll be attending the famous Colombiamoda show. I’m staying an extra day to see the sights. Anyone know anyone there or have suggestions? I’d like to visit a fashion school if possible but only find one.
I imagine posting will be light over the next two weeks. The boy (now 21 but I’ve always called him that from birth and am unlikely to change now) is returning home tomorrow for a two week vacation from his training program. While his prognosis will not change, I’m pleased he hasn’t been dis-enrolled. I wasn’t so sure of that when he started nine months ago. The tentative plan is to teach him to digitize patterns. Because digitizing is really simple; I have high hopes. I’m also thinking of teaching him to sew since the sewing experiment with Eric went so well. The boy hasn’t sewn anything since he was six years old. Then, it was a welt pocket which came out perfectly. He was the case study for the method. Let’s see how well he can learn to bag a jacket…
A note to the powers that be at Apparel. You’re stuck under “Sites I don’t like but visit anyway” for two main reasons:

  1. I think it’s funny.
  2. More people will visit you than if I stuck you anywhere else and I do think they need to visit you.

I did an experiment with WWD. They got three times the traffic in that slot. Besides, you’re in good company. The link to my husband’s site is there too.

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  1. Laritza says:

    I am from Colombia but from Bogota. Medellin is a beautiful city. I am sure you will love it and eat lots of beans and arepas. I am sure you will have internet connection at the hotel. Colombiamoda is a big show in Latin America. Have fun! Take a look at the Botero art and if you get a chance go to the “Parque del Cafe” Let us know how it goes and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

  2. Teresia says:

    I too, have been thinking about what my son (he’s 12) can do in the future. He has planned to have his own donut/pastry shop since 2nd grade. Cooking lessons this summer have been going well. My 7 year old son is all about sewing and fashion. My girls well, they are too young to think about that yet.

    I love your blog. Have a wonderful trip to Columbia!

  3. sarah cohen says:

    I live in bogota but Im going to colombiamoda too. I would love to meet you. lets keep in touch.

    The name of the bigest schools of fashion are Universidad Bolivariana and La Colegiatura.

  4. Giselle says:

    So funny–the link you have for the school has my cousin modeling. That collection was shown at Colombiamoda (She’s on the far right). She goes to Bolivariana, and I see someone else has already recommended it for you to visit. My aunt is Secretary General there (but began in Design), so let me know if you’d like to get in touch with her.

    Medellin has had a transformation over the past 10 years–it’s really quite beautiful, and much safer than most large cities of its size. The Botero museum is great.

    I’m not sure of touristy things to do (I mostly just hang out with family when I visit) but some of my favorite foods to try are Arepas (basically a thick hominy tortilla, very typical) and Granadilla (a cousin of a pomegranate. Looks like an orange with a stem on the outside, frog eyes on the inside. Super yummy!)

  5. Pia says:

    Hi Kathleen, it was a very nice surprise to see this post today. I am Colombian and I worked for 6 years in the textile branch when I was living there. However, most of my contacts are in the retail business not in manufacturing, and in Bogota not Medellin. Anyway i will ask around to check if it is possible to put you in contact with somebody interesting.

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