Chicago is Red Hot 2006

From the AIBI comes this announcement

If you are a designer who:
·  Has been in business for less than 2 years,
·  Sells in at least 1 retail store,
·  Seeks visibility

The Apparel Industry Board Inc is reviewing emerging apparel and accessory designers for possible inclusion in “Chicago is Red Hot 2006”, an annual promotion.

You’ll need to make an appointment to present your designs -approximately five pieces- to the fashion show committee on January 19, 2005.  Please email or call the office at 312.836.1041.

Apparel Industry Board Inc
350 W. Mart Center Drive Ste 1234
Chicago IL 60654
Tel: 312.836.1041

I don’t know if they take people from outside of Chicago but I suppose you could always ask. I run their ads because I know they’re legitimate so don’t judge the (not-for-profit agency) by their website. I run across a lot of bogus offers so be wary. If you know of other similar releases I should be running, let me know. Also note they’re asking for just 5 pieces so it’s not just me.

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