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Edit 6/26/15: This entry is outdated but I have moved again recently, hopefully for the last time. You should always check the about page but here’s my info
Apparel Technical Svcs
The Sewing Factory School
410 Old Coors Dr. SW
Albuquerque NM 87121
Tel: 505-877-1713

I‘m happy to report that I’ve completed the arduous move from my place in El Paso (the Brewhouse) to Las Cruces. My new contact information is:
Apparel Technical Svcs
1149 West Picacho
Las Cruces NM 88005
Tel: 575-525-1577

My email address remains the same.

That said, I still have quite a job ahead of me before things get back to normal. The previous business here painted the walls and ceilings black -yes, black!- a parody of the color green and baby-puke yellow. It was -of all things- a tea house. And while people say I have no taste, there is evidently worse taste out there. In keeping with the cave theme, what lighting there is, is comprised of either 40 or 60 watt bulbs. I think I’ll settle for white paint and 8 foot shop lights. Then, this place also needs some rehabbing. I have two bathrooms but neither toilet works (well); the cooler is missing its pump and my landlord is AWOL. Like the Brewhouse, none of the floors are level but at least I have windows. Still, I feel like an ingrate to complain about my digs when so many are out of theirs.

Anyway, that’s the update of my physical location. Call, write or drop in as needed. I look forward to posting productively as I wade through boxes, paint, electrical and plumbing projects. It’s times like these I’m grateful I can handle tools and repairs.

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  1. Teresa Joyce says:

    Hello Miss Kathleen ,
    This is Terrie , Austin TX. we spoke and you were so kind as to send me a book. I have been enjoying your book and now your site. I am glad to see you are getting moved in. I saw Susan last Sat. and she said she was going to give you a chat soon. She has also been busy doing a move. I am still plugging along , just about to do a patent pending concept. Funny but even though I feel certain that things will work out especially when I have the benefit of counsel such as yours and Miss Susan…my friends…… but still I have moments when I simply want to vomit ????? hmmmmmmmm ?? lol anyway. I wanted to give you a shout as well as my best regards …….. T Joyce

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