Carnivale of Couture: Technical complexity

Next week Fashion-Incubator is hosting the Carnivale of Couture. The topic is:

Tell us about the most technically complex garment you have either owned or constructed, describing it’s unique features. Feel free to include photos if you have them.

You can submit your entry in comments, email your submission or post an entry to your own blog (trackbacks are disabled so email me). Next Friday, I’ll compile all of the entries into one post. [Entry update: trackbacks are now enabled]

If you would like to host Carnivale of Couture on your site, email Manolo at Manolo’s Shoe Blog. Also, read a great tutorial on how to host the carnival at Bargain Queen.

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  1. One garment? When I read this yesterday I was thinking ensemble. Either way it’s tough. Could I choose which way to answer? For garment, it might have been what I wore today, even though it appears to be a fairly simple top. I just can’t remember everything I’ve ever worn.


  2. Andy Chang says:

    I’m a garment factory operator and manufacture for brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Quiksilver, O’Neil, Swiss Army, Original Penguin, Zegna Sport, Modern Amusement and etc.

    Being a manufacturer for both the Classic brands such as Zegna Sport and lay back style of the surfer community, I believe the most difficult styles to make are not from the classy couture brands, but the surfer industry.

    If you walk in to Pacsun or any surfer store and look at their boardshorts today, You will find board shorts being pieced together in curves.

    1st you have to piece the curves together, and then you have to send it of for screen print. When the screen print is done, you have to send it off for embroidery and then have to fit the screen print inside the embroidery.

    When that is done, you have to bring the piecing back to the factory and attach cargo pockets and send it off for printing and embroidery again across the body and cargo pockets. Once that is done you bring it back and finish the contour waist band, and send it of to embroidery again to embrodier across the waistband and the body, and bring it back to finish the leg opening.

    After all is completed, the product had to be sent for heavy stone wash to provide a distressed look and garment dyed.

    This techniques is applied not only in boardshorts but also in Jackets, outerwear Ski Suits and etc..

    Since all these process breaks the production flow, a production line need to have at least 3~5 styles being produced simultaneously to prevent production flow stopping.

    Above is the most difficult type of clothing which my factory had encountered.

  3. Photo Blog Stream: Constructing a Wrap Top

    Fashion Incubator’s very, very tough question for the Carnivale …
    Tell us about the most technically complex garment you have either owned or constructed.
    made me realize something: my clothes are very low maintenance.
    It is the outfits …

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