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Amitai, one of our regular visitors from Israel, sends a link to a video he made illustrating a technique for creating a Peter Pan collar with an atypical collar stand using CAD software. It’s interesting but I wouldn’t want to sew it :). You can find this on a wiki page which includes a short overview. Click on the icon to view the 6min/ 8MB movie. He says if you like this one, that perhaps you’ll also like his Shawl Collar tutorial. The video of the shawl collar is interesting to follow; you’d perform similar operations if making it by hand so watch this if you’ve yet to generate one or want to check your form. In addition, if I could offer any commentary on drafting shawl collars in general -not Amitai’s specifically- it would be that the back neckline portion of the shawl collar need not be a straight line. I realize the pattern books have you draw that portion straight but I prefer to curve that line as it makes for a smoother collar line finish, particularly if using heavier weight goods. Lastly, Amitai needlessly apologizes for his accent. Thanks for sharing Amitai!

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  1. Amitai says:

    Thanks for the post…
    Can you explain what you mean by making the collar line curved? I didn’t get exactly to which part in the collar you are referring to.

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