Bread Couture

In honor of Bastille Day, NPR’s Morning Edition broadcast The Humble Baguette’s Return to Glory, a humorous view of bread fashion as conceptualized by Paris designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The exhibition, sponsored by the Cartier Foundation was a four month event celebrating the artisanry of French bread.

For those of you who heard the story and meant to go look it up but didn’t, I’ve done all the legwork for you. Aren’t I a nice person? Visit ‘Pain Couture‘ by Jean Paul Gaultier at the Cartier Foundation’s website. The site is in French; to view samples from the show, select “Le Catalogue” and “Accessoires essentiels” for accessories. For press reviews in English, visit The Guardian and iafrica.

This fashion curmudgeon notes that not only were sizes not listed, the calories weren’t either.

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  1. Eric H says:

    Take 1: “This fetching dress is available in sizes 2-10, and in rye, pumpernickel, whole wheat, and sourdough.”

    Take 2: “Oh goody, I’ve spilled mustard on my blouse. Somebody get me a burger!”

    A Pain Couture miniskirt: tart tort.

  2. Jan d'Heurle says:

    I enjoyed this thoroughly; thanks for the link. How clever to put together the two things the French are famous for: couture and bread. I bake a loaf every day, myself, and then use my remaining time sewing, so it was real affirmation for me and amusing as well.

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