12601_3o_final_version_smszYay! This pattern is ready for sale. You can read more about it here. At right is the image of the jacket I sewed to create the instructions. It is cowboy sized so you might go down one size. Here is a rough sizing chart based on pattern measurements:

XS chest 46″
S chest 48″
M chest 50″
L chest 52″
XL chest 54″

My husband wears a medium. He is 5’10”, 185lbs if that helps. This will fit a guy up to 6 ft tall with no height adjustments needed. It would also be great for a taller female with a larger bone structure.

The instructions come as a pdf file. The file is 59 pages long and has … sheesh (I forgot to count) well over 60 detailed photos and several diagrams. It has been photographed step by step.

The jacket at right won’t win any design prizes but the light colors facilitated photography. It was also sewn in pink and purple thread for the same reason.

There are several purchasing options. You can buy the instructions separately, the pattern separately or the two together. I did it that way because I know some people only buy some patterns for the instructions and if they later decide to buy the pattern, they don’t have to pay for something they already have. There are also options to purchase for manufacturing (further down).

Use this button to buy only the instructions: $ 5.99


Use the button below to buy only the pattern: $24.99

Select size


Use the button below to buy the pattern and instructions: $29.99

Select size


For manufacturing:

As I mentioned above, one can buy the pattern for manufacturing purposes. The cost is $30 per size times 5 sizes ($149.99 actually)  with no royalties or anything else. For this price, you get a plot of five sizes and also, instructions. If you think you might be interested in this, I recommend buying one size to try it out first. I will deduct the cost of the purchase if you go this route later on.

You can also get this pattern on oaktag if you prefer. The cost is $30 per hour labor and one size would take less than 2 hours. You can also have it modified to suit at a cost of $75 an hour.  To select this option, choose the button below:

12601 Pattern all sizes 149.99 (Plot) (with instructions)

The last option is to buy the CAD file for all sizes, instructions included. The fee is $249.99. With this option, customization is also possible at a cost of $75 per hour labor. Again, if you think you might be interested in this, I recommend buying one size to try it out first. I will deduct the cost of the purchase if you decide on this option later.


  1. Dennis Lochard says:

    I have tried several times to order the pattern and instructions. However, when I clock buy now it takes me to PayPal and will not let me buy the pattern and instructions. Is there an alternative such a a phone number that I can call to get the pattern and instructions? Thanks

    • Avatar photo

      Hi Dennis. I apologize for my tardy response but your comment ended up in the spam folder and I didn’t see it until today.

      Of course you can call. My number is 505-877-1713. Generally, you can visit one’s About page to get their contact information. Not always of course but we have a brick and mortar location.

      I’ll look into what is going on with this page later. Nobody has ordered from this page (no surprise, huh?) but have purchased it via Etsy. I’m happy to do it directly.

  2. Freddie says:

    I had trouble clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button too. It sent me to my paypal logon page then I could not continue with the purchase.

    • Avatar photo

      Perhaps the content is not clear, these are *pattern measures*. If a man with a 46″ chest bought the xs which measures 46″, he wouldn’t be able to zip it closed. These measurements include generous wearing ease as they are sized for working in.

  3. Mish says:

    Hi K, am a ugandan anew enterprenuer without knowledge in garmant manufacturer ing but rather with a love and passion to fashion .Would wish to venture into newbies.How best can I get the enterprenuers guide to sewn products .

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