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Summer is slow in the industry. People are either in the throes of production for fall deliveries which run from the end of July through September, or finalizing their line up for the August Magic show. Then, the ones not tied to a schedule often have little ones to manage for the summer and then, there’s always vacations. Once the kiddos head back to school, things pick up again.

In consideration of the above, I’ve decided to do a staycation for the month. I don’t know about you but I don’t multi-task well. Between the forum, the blog, and answering questions from visitors, this is largely a full time job. Or rather, there’s not enough time left over to dig into a project with any depth. Like I said, the whole multi-tasking thing I don’t do well. So, I’ve decided to pursue a project that requires more of my time that will hopefully bear fruition later. Hopefully sooner rather than later. It’s an experiment of sorts.

In summary, my postings will be light but I will be publishing guest entries from volunteers. Feel free to submit an entry on a topic of your choosing to enlighten and amuse us.

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