Birth of a citizen

I am without words to express my profound pleasure in announcing that Zoe’s -our esteemed co-blogger and designer extraordinaire- application for US citizenship has been approved. She will be taking her oath of citizenship on September 26th. If you’d like to attend, the naturalization ceremony will be held at:

Nob Hill Masonic Center
1st floor Masonic Auditorium
1111 California Street (at Taylor and California).
San Francisco CA
10:00 AM

If you’re local, consider making plans to witness the birth of a new US citizen who has enriched our lives so generously (I’m so tempted to go that I was checking air fare). Naturalization ceremonies are one of the most emotionally moving experiences you’ll ever have. I think every US citizen should attend one at some point in their lives. Please extend your heartiest congratulations to Zoe aka Verbal Croquis.

By the way, Zoe had to pass a version of this test. Can you?

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  1. Gigi says:

    Congratulations, Zoe! I have to say that my naturalization ceremony (I wouldn’t even call it that, really) was less than memorable. Just me and a government official in a dingy U.S. Customs office on the bridge to Nuevo Laredo. Ah, memories. :-) Hope your day is truly special!

  2. Sherry says:

    Congratulations, Zoe! This is a momentous event.

    What?! No true/false questions? No multiple choice? I think hardly anyone born and raised in the continental U.S. within the past 50-60 years could pass this test. Not on the first try. Not without a LOT of studying.

    The U.S. government is really trying to test prospective citizen’s mettle. You have to really want to be here to take a test like this!

    (I’m only half-joking. Most of us couldn’t pass it, but it is information we should know, and the test could be a whole lot worse.)

  3. Eric H says:

    Some of the answers to the test are wrong. The answer to 20, for example, is “Money, Television, and BS” (thanks, PJ O’Rourke). On July 4, we celebrate the wise and joyous combination of alcohol, dangerous explosives, and charred, processed meat. And these are the only ones Kathleen will let me get away with. Otherwise I would only have missed 2 (could only think of Plymouth Rock, and Form N-400?)

    Congratulations, Zoe! I’m sure what you have done has taken courage and persistence.

  4. Shayna Ba says:

    Zoe, How many citizens were sworn in on 9/26 with you. I have a friend who will take the oath on 11/28 and I am curious as to how many do this at one time.

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