Bamboo tree-hugger pattern puzzle

One of the sites I like to visit is Treehugger. It’s a lifestyle oriented socially conscious site that gives the heads up on new sustainable products and companies. They have quite a few posts on apparel and textile products, both regarding designer-manufacturers and inputs. For example, search their site to learn about great textile products such as bamboo and naturally colored cotton. With a little effort -albeit circuitously- you could even source fabrics via Treehugger. And I say that ’cause I know someone who has.

Anyway, I went to Treehugger to read about Andrea Zittel who just has to have been influenced by architects like Hennessey and Papanek, authors of Nomadic Furniture (awesome books!) and ended up getting sidetracked with designer Linda Loudermilk and bamboo fibers. Although she’s worthy of emulating in social practices, I wasn’t really wild about her designs (kind of simplistic and art-wearish) but I found one dress that makes for another great reverse pattern puzzle. I think the first one I posted was too complicated because only one person tried it. So try this if you’re game (a coral hankerchief edged dress; the last thumbnail on the page). Sketch out a picture of what the pattern pieces look like, email it to me and I’ll post it.

For the rest of the week I think I’ll be adding to the Nameless Tutorial series. Jinjer brought up a good point in comments regarding the back vent. She’s not a dummy so if she’s not confident regarding the back vent, then I’d guess at least half of you aren’t either. You people need to speak up. Post a comment. I’m not a mean person. I’m actually very nice. It just doesn’t come out when I write.

Speaking of speaking up, I posted a new topic in the discussion forum. I’d like some feedback (and post a bio while you’re there). I wrote:

Just curious but what is your opinion regarding the contents of “the perfect sewing book” were there to be such a thing? Obviously, I’m fishing for topics; I mean, I know some things that need to be included regardless of whether people know about them or not but I’m also looking to collect suggested topics that people feel would serve immediate and useful purpose. This would not be a beginner’s book btw and won’t teach people what a bodice is (for example). The previous topic of “home-made” was the impetus for this question. Thanks for contributing.

Only one person has responded so far but she had some awesome ideas and I loved her comment “Does Mapquest give me a simplified yet arduous route because it assumes I don’t like to make left turns into heavy traffic? No, it assumes I know how to drive“. I think that exactly describes the level of sewing book I would like to write because home-sewing is built around dorky work-arounds that lower the quality rather than raise it. Anyway, add your comments in the forum. Oh, and after you register, you have to make sure that the log in space on the main screen has your name next to it. If it doesn’t, you’re not logged in. I usually have to sign in twice before my name appears next to “log in”.

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