Asia Pacific Leather Fair Fashion Access Show Recap

I have so much to tell you about the show, but on site internet access is limited to fifteen minutes. I have only been here for a little bit, but wanted to take a break to write about some of what I am seeing. As the day goes on, I tend to get sidetracked by new things and forget about what I initially thought was important.

So first things first, the APLF (fashion accessories) show is great. Registration was a little tricky. I pre registered online well before the show. I cannot recall whether I actually received a badge in advance of the event or not, either way, I forgot it. So when I got here, I had a copy of my pre registration confirmation. The attendee at the show told me I would have to register and pay the on site registration fee ($100 HKD about $13 USD/CDN). We went back and forth a little bit, because it made no sense to me, and after getting a bit frustrated trying to communicate with the language barrier, I just went and grabbed a registration form and stood in line.

Mind you, I was not going to fill it out, because I hate filling out forms with a pen, which is why I pre register online. So when I get to the desk, I hand the lady my pre registration confirmation and a few minutes later I have my badge, no on site registration fee (it was the principle, not the dollar amount). By the way, the taxi ride here was only $17HKD ($2.20 USD/CDN) that is the cheapest taxi ride I have ever taken.

So note to anyone, pre register online and bring backup and don’t forget your badge, if you get one. I didn’t know shows like this charged a fee at all, since it is trade only.

Now, news from the show. First things first, Amethyst Handbag Library will have a shoe library available at the end of the month. Wonder if they are going to rename the company :)

The other thing I thought was really cool is this company that makes PVC free, PVC like fabric. Now, mind you, this is so far out of my field of expertise so forgive me if I say anything stupid. But their booth had athletic style bags, luggage and performance bags (backpacks and such) and the fabric is eco friendly. PVC free, chlorine free, AZO free, no diozin, heavy metal or phospate pollution, etcera. The website is

[Kathleen here, I’m actually posting this for Miracle who emailed this to me]
Re: Amethyst Handbag Library, they have some point and click software to design bags. It’s rather pricey but slick. When she says “I wonder if they’ll change the name of the company” because they’ve added a shoe design product, it’s because her pet peeve is entrepreneurs who name their company after the product. It’s better to name the company more generically. That way the company name doesn’t have to change as you add new products.

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  1. cdbehrle says:

    unfortunately, can’t help being a bit skeptical of that PVC co’s claims,(hope it’s for real) what with all the news coming out of China…latest being some investment/stock scam.

  2. MW says:

    what with all the news coming out of China

    People have stereotypes about us too. We have a global reputation that is not as favorable as we would like to think. I can’t attest to the company’s claims, but it’s not really fair to say that one company’s claims may be untrue because of other companies issues.

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