Archives 7/27-8/3 2005-2006

Before I post the entries from this week in history, I need to correct last week’s archive entry. Somehow, I managed to post entries from June 2005-2006, rather than July. How embarrassing. How come nobody said anything? ~sigh~ I’ll also amend last week’s entry but will also post it here so you can catch up. After a week or so, I’ll delete the amendment from this entry. From the archives…

2005: July 20 through July 26
Sarah Wyman’s shoes
Site update
Big Fish
Lean Dream Teams
Lean Homework
Zara’s 300 designers
Zara and Lean Retail

2006: July 20 through July 26
Umbrella design
Carnivale of Couture: Gigi, Linda & Ella
San Francisco Fashion Week
Information addicts
The Learning Annex
Carnivale of Couture: Kathleen
This week in blog history 6
A woman scorned?
Petite models question
Reducing production costs: Mobius scarf
How I lost 150 pounds
Why no one will help you

2005: July 27 through August 3
Why American Apparel has the best line sheets
Wholesale Fabric Show
Site Stats
22692 Bagging Tutorial #1
22692 Bagging Tutorial #2
Pattern Puzzles
Sweatshop study
Pattern puzzle #1

2006: July 27 through August 3
Why do hems roll up?
Infovore links: 7/28/2006
Sewing robots
Entwinements, a shibori blog
Talbot’s sizing study
Invitation to Isaac Mizrahi’s show
People watching
How to get publicity
Industrial coverstitch machines

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  1. Irene says:

    I thought that I’d read those before, but I usually wander about so much in reading the archived posts and links to other posts that I’d just stumbled across a bunch that I’d already read. . .

    I do appreciate you making these posts though!

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