Archives 5/25-5/31 2005-2006

2005: May 25 through May 31
Centered zipper template
Centered zipper construction

2006: May 25 through May 31
Financing fashion: 10 mistakes designers make
A perfect fit model
Training Within Industry (TWI)
Shopping Quiz
Fashion Education Options
Littering squatters
Another Sunday in NM
Fiber artists

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  1. trish says:

    “It still blows my mind that people can’t visually translate the two dimensional pattern into 3D automatically.” – Kathleen Fasanella

    Kathleen, so many things I read here make me sooooo happy, that is a five o type of happy!

    I wrote a paper called something like “Teaching Flat-Patternmaking in a Three Dimensional Mode” and I love it as a technique.

    Another thing about “mods” vs “pods”… I absolutely love the word pods to describe the concept… the word mods comes from Modular Manufacturing, in which the operators are cross trained and moving, usually standing… often working on a pull system. Thus “mods” are the u-shaped, LOL, stations of (then, late 1980s early 90s) 5-9 machines.

    I wish I had more time to read and study the blog. I am not keeping up on the zipper tutorial and I promise I will do it as soon as I can. I am grabbing bits of it, catch as catch can.

    Sending you thoughts and wanting to know if we should do a fashionistas meetup locally.

    My days of working with the El Paso industry were very rewarding and I think we will find a wealth of people in the area. We may attract at least a few Albuquerque people, given time … maybe we can meet in Mesilla if the group goes Southwestern.

    Have a safe trip to Pool, I am checking out going… very late start, so unlikely… and I have not been really well… bahumbug.

    JC’s planning before SPESA is great. I am enjoying the blog so much… thanks.

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