Archives 2/8-2/14 2005-2007

We are back from Magic! Suffice to say, posting will be heavy this week. For the weekend and while I get it together, I leave you with this week’s entries from the archives.

It’s kind of ironic that the archives entry never gets any comments because normally, one judges the most popular entries based on the number of comments. Based on feedback, you all say it’s one of your favorites, taking the weekend to go through all you may have missed.

February 8, 2005 through February 14, 2005
that jpeg is colita btw (Inaugural test entry)
What are the core skills of sewing?
Core sewing skills
Sewing anxiety, avoidance and fears

February 8, 2006 through February 14, 2006
Don’t tell me what to buy
Vivisection: Project Runway
Inflatable sewn products
The real value of couture
Standard Work
Nominate favorite posts
Knit cutting questions
First Anniversary!
Ergonomics in apparel manufacturing
Reverse engineering standard work pt.1

February 8, 2007 through February 14, 2007
Espionage for better sizing pt.2
Pattern maker vents about clients
What we expect from designers
Off to MAGIC
How I (kind of) organize my fabric
Magic show interim report

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  1. diane carter says:

    well, i was just thinking this week how much
    i missed your daily posts while you were away,
    but also realized that there are many great
    archives to,thanks for posting on a
    saturday to remind us of these archives
    and thanks for all the valuable info you

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