Archives 1/25-1/31 2006-2007

January 25, 2006 through January 31, 2006
Suffering Unappreciated Inventor
Button sewing problems?
Designer’s guide to a business plan
Thomas and Eleanore pt. 1
Bias match-stripe
Piece rate is good
Sending patterns off for correction

January 25, 2007 through January 31, 2007
The power of a good (or bad) review
Does the devil really wear Prada?
Citizen Fashion: Shop & Contest
MAGIC Show February 2007
Fix this: mitten contest pt 4
Patternworks Inc

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  1. Lisa Bloodgood in Portland says:

    I actually looked at a couple of the articles listed here! I have a notebook for these and the tutorials that I’ve printed. Thanks! Would you consider doing a fly zipper tutorial or do you know if someone has a good one? I know it’s easy because I’ve done it before, but I seem to need help every time (not one of those things I sew often).

  2. Kathleen,

    It’s so helpful for you to post the archives every week. I went through every month when I first signed up, but things that didn’t make sense then, do now.

    So…there’s always some interesting trail I follow when you put these up. Presenting archives this way puts them in manageable chunks, and so once a week, I delve into archives.

    okay, okay, I could have self discipline and do it myself, but reading the blog is part of what I do every day, and it just helps me that this is part of what I see on Friday!

    Thank you!


  3. Hi

    I just discovered your blog and i find it great !
    even if i don’t understand everything i feel how passionate and pro you are

    I just quitted the press industry to create 3 month ago a blog that shows Paris through street style photo romances. It’s a new way for me to humanize fashion.
    I hope you’ll like as much as people already like it.

    As i need feed back from all over countries and culture to improve my work, I’ll be glad to have your opinion and why not share links to share our work and because i am sure that you share my vision : fashion is for sheep, whereas style gives personality !

    ps : if you need some of my photos, I’ll be pleased to help you.

    Best regards

    Kamel LAHMADI
    street style romancer in Paris

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