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Want to buy wholesale fabric? Your next opportunity to shop for fabric, trims and services in Los Angeles comes the 28-30th of September at the convention center courtesy of GlobalTex. Check the site for registration and details. Free. Speaking of, whenever you sign up for these things, you should always select the option to get on their mailing list, particularly if they share their lists with like parties. B2B industry lists don’t send emails for silly things that don’t pertain to your interests.

As usual, below is the list of entries published this week over the past five years so you can catch up. If that’s not enough, there’s over 2,000 entries in the archives. Hope your weekend is relaxing and productive.

September 3, through September 9, 2005
Why are you here?
Costing components and mark-ups
Invisible zipper tutorial pt.1
The Consignment Trap
Invisible zipper tutorial pt.2

September 3, through September 9, 2006
Rain rain go away pt 2
Labor Day 2006
Buttocks bras, caffeine lingerie and sizing surveys
Knock yourself off
Timing of seasons
How many collections to produce the first year?
Getting into your first trade show
Naming a product line
Bizarre pattern maker
Do not ship samples to anyone who wants them!

September 3, through September 9, 2007
It all starts here 7
Children’s wear design
Trade show success and expectations
Design Week on F-I
F-I Fashion Week: Vogue 9/07
Returns policies
Saks: Excessive chargebacks
F-I Fashion Week: Vintage Lane Bryant

September 3, through September 9, 2008
Trade show review: Lingerie Americas Magic 8/2008
How to know your patterns have been corrected
Trade show review 1: POOL 8/2008
Pop Quiz #478
Trade show reviews misc: 8/2008
Pop Quiz #478 pt. 2
Sales Management Software

September 3, through September 9, 2009
Kamali has moved production to the US
What does it cost to prototype a bag or clothing line?

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