Archives 9/25 – 10/1 2005-2008

Yep, it’s that time of the week again. It’s been hectic but better this week although I still feel I haven’t gotten anything done. I’m sure you have days, maybe weeks like that.

Is the air a bit cooler in your part of the world? It’s crisper here but still lovely, highs in the mid to low 80’s. I was traumatized that all the birdies I feed left this week until I heard some people already have snow ~shudder~. Enough prattle, as ever, there’s more in the archives if you lack reading material over the weekend.

Oh, and don’t forget. If you get a page not found error, simply delete the “.html” from the end of the url to get there. Don’t forget the period.

September 25, through October 1, 2005
Bamboo tree-hugger pattern puzzle
Organic fabrics resource
Another pattern resource
Nameless #5 (back vent)
Nameless #6 -Troubleshooting

September 25, through October 1, 2006
Shopping carts
Consignment policies
Wholesale vs consumer marketing
Selling wholesale to foreign buyers
Technical designer qualifications
Advertising 101: Part 2
Ida, 5S, chile and the whole enchilada

September 25, through October 1, 2007
Launching at Moda
Miracle in Hong Kong
Vendor Compliance Handbook 1
Lies designers tell 1
Vendor Compliance Handbook 2
News from you 9/28/07
Three nifty hand tools

September 25, through October 1, 2008
Northwest Fabrics and Notions Show, 19-20 September 2008
The latest secrets from Paris
Travel tips for women
Rothenburg Style

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