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~Sigh~. My first preamble was an homage to Tim Ferriss author of The 4-Hour Work Week (who single handedly inspired legions to start, run and manage a manufacturing enterprise on their lunch hours and don’t we know it) because he’s solved the greatest problem afflicting our industry -namely obesity- in his new book on how to become super-human with The 4-Hour Body. But then I decided it sounded too much like sour grapes because there’s no way I’m going to add 150 lbs to my lifts in six months or be fully rested on two hours of sleep a day -and then happily, the painters came and I got sidetracked telling Mr. Painter -for the third, fourth, fifth, sixth time- to please remove all the nails and anchors from the wall- and he said it couldn’t be done so I had to go get some needle nose pliers to show how it’s done but that metal anchors are different and here’s how you do those after which he used the plastic removal method on the metal anchors -and you see where all this is going?

So, if you’re not in the throes of supervising anyone and have some time to kill, here’s the entries published on this site over the past five years. As always, there’s about 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

September 24, through September 30, 2005
Pattern making and grading resources
Bamboo tree-hugger pattern puzzle
Organic fabrics resource
Nameless #5 (back vent)

September 24, through September 30, 2006
Shopping carts
Consignment policies
Selling wholesale to foreign buyers
Technical designer qualifications
Advertising 101: Part 2
Ida, 5S, chile and the whole enchilada

September 24, through September 30, 2007
Outsourcing production: Birnbaum
Launching at Moda
Miracle in Hong Kong
Vendor Compliance Handbook 1
Lies designers tell 1
Vendor Compliance Handbook 2
News from you 9/28/07

September 24, through September 30, 2008
Belgian Embroidery
Northwest Fabrics and Notions Show, 19-20 September 2008
The latest secrets from Paris
Travel tips for women
Rothenburg Style

September 24, through September 30, 2009
A better way to sew linings and facings pt.2
Digitizing vintage patterns?
2 sales mistakes: pitching wholesale buyers by email
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  1. kay says:

    My sympathies. My guess is your painter is closely related to the teenagers who can do amazing things with an ipod or iphone, but can’t manage to figure out how to load the washer with more than one item per load.

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