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wiki_mass_ascension_2006This weekend is notable locally because it’s Balloon Fiesta, the world’s premier ballooning event held here in Albuquerque NM. Nearly a milion people come here for it, easily doubling the city’s size. Locals lay low -except those locals who moved here because of the Fiesta or ballooning. The weather and wind currents of NM are ideal for the sport so balloons in New Mexico skies are very common year round. That said, I’m not the only local who has never attended any of the events. I will go someday when I can gird my loins for crowds.

Otherwise, my weekend has not been very productive. I bought Neal Stephenson’s new book REAMDE so if you know his work, that says it all. Not many writers are as good at plotting a story and turning a phrase.

Speaking of reading, here is some for you and as usual, there is more in the archives. Have a great rest of the weekend.

September 23, through September 29, 2005
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September 23, through September 29, 2006
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September 23, through September 29, 2007
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September 23, through September 29, 2008
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September 23, through September 29, 2009
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September 23, through September 29, 2010
Naming senior sizing
Refining Refine My Line
How to know if your idea is a good one
What does it mean to “have a clothing line”?

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  1. theresa in tucson says:

    Just looked at the sneak peek on Amazon and I’m hooked. Got too much to do so I will hold off until it is in the libary and can be checked out without a long wait. I put it in my “To Read” list.

  2. kay says:

    I can’t tell you about the Albuquerque festival, but I lived about 20 miles from one of the major hot air balloon festivals — grew up there. Though there was always a big crowd at the main grounds, it was easy to sit at a local park (or just off a farm road) and enjoy the balloons almost as much. Maybe more.

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