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Bringing new meaning to the term Coffin Clothes is recent news courtesy of The Smithsonian (submitted by Courtney, thank you). Researchers suspect two altar panels attributed to artist Andrea del Verrocchio may have been rendered by Leonardo da Vinci; student of the former. And the reason?

A comparison of the reverse side of the relief’s sculptures—never meant to be seen—shows the artist paying attention to how a leather skirt might fall instead of fashioning a cursory swath like Verrocchio’s.

You can marvel the detail yourself and ponder the validity of the revisionist claim when the exhibition opens October 6th at the High Museum of Art Atlanta.

As ever, if you have spare hours to read this fine autumn day, below are the entries published this week over the past five years. And again, there’s about 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

September 17, through September 23, 2005
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September 17, through September 23, 2006
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September 17, through September 23, 2007
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Reading 9/20/07
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September 17, through September 23, 2008
Adding a gusset to pants pt.2
Working as a Textile Designer
New Author: Stuart
Reliable brand Sewquiet 4000 clutchless servo motor
Pop Quiz 479

September 17, through September 23, 2009
I can’t think of a spiffy title for this sales rep post you must read
News From You 9/18/09
A better way to sew linings and facings

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  1. Thank you as always Kathleen,
    Firstly, your book is on the recommended reading list of any and all syllabi that I write, and my courses’ BlackBoard (an online teaching tool) all link here. More on this privately when I get a chance. Secondly, ‘coffin clothes’ is spreading among my colleagues but whenever I use it, I do refer to you. While I don’t comment much (time issue), I do read religiously and wish I had the time to read the forum. I very much look forward to meeting you one day.
    Thanks again,

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