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Allen was kind enough to tell me that Friday was Constitution Day (US) so I decided to take the day off in celebration. heh. Rather, he wrote to tell me that Thomas Paine, one of the US founding fathers, between bouts of writing and rabble rousing, was a master stay maker. In those days, “stays” referred equally to corsets and the whale boning stays used in their making. I gather Mr. Paine was the former. From reading Paine’s biography, I get the idea he would be closer to a blogger than an anatomist were he alive today. But speaking of anatomy, Kay sends a link to the Visible Human Project (courtesy of the NIH). Similar to the MRI I showed in Thursday’s post, you can examine photographs of cross sections of the human body (cadavers) in great detail. The photos are so clinical that I can’t imagine you need to avoid it if you’re squeamish.

Circuitous silliness dispensed with, below are the entries published this week over the past five years. If you have time to spare, there’s about 2,000 more in the archives. Have a great weekend.

September 10, through September 16, 2005
Dry cleaning discussion
Name this tutorial
Nameless tutorial #2
Nameless tutorial #3
Nameless tutorial #4

September 10, through September 16, 2006
Do sales reps do anything?
It all starts here
Analyzing business plans pt.6
When are markets held?
Do sales reps do anything? pt.2
Swipe files and what’s cheating?
Bunny punch

September 10, through September 16, 2007
Fluffy book reviews
Launching at Pool pt.1
Coffin clothes
Launching at Pool pt.2
Launching at Pool pt.3
Launching at Pool pt.4
Pattern puzzle: collar
News from you 9/14/07

September 10, through September 16, 2008
Pop Quiz #478 pt. 2
Sales Management Software
Trade show review: Project 8/2008
An IQ Test for designers
Wholesale Fabric Show: Seattle
I’m going on “vacation”
Adding a gusset to pants pt.1

September 10, through September 16, 2009
Reverse Pattern Puzzle: zero waste
Problems leaving a comment?
Homage to the humble house dress
What does it cost to prototype a bag or clothing line? pt.2

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