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File this under “everyone is getting into the act”: Glenn Beck is starting a clothing line. Really -or so he says. Methinks that qualifies as jumping the shark; apparel entrepreneurship will never be the same ~sigh~.

I’ve got company in town so I’m playing the accommodating host. First stop: the local farmer’s market. Can’t speak for your part of the world but around here ours have live music, kids and dogs dressed in costume, lots of crafts, art and of course, food.

See the archives page with still more entries if you’ve time to read. I hope your weekend is relaxing and productive. See you next week.

August 5, through August 11, 2005
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Alternatives in women’s sizing

August 5, through August 11, 2006
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Domain names
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August 5, through August 11, 2007
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Gestation of consumer culture
History of apparel manufacturing
Who’s going to Magic?
Trade secrets and sewing contractors
A sense of professional decency
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August 5, through August 11, 2008
Medellin Day 2A
Medellin Day 2B
Fabric trashing …or stashing?
Medellin Day 2C
Going to Magic in August?
Medellin Day 3
What I don’t like about Colombia
Pop Quiz #476
Discounts for sewing defects?

August 5, through August 11, 2009
Prototype bag Style# 4216 pt.1
CPSIA: Children’s apparel exemptions
Selling to department stores pt.1

August 5, through August 11, 2010
Contract for a clothing sales rep pt.3
IDPPPA: Yet another fashion design copyright law
Pop Quiz: What is an optimal size range?
One reason you may be getting the run around
The best job you could ever get…

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